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Top 10 Autumn Escapes

19 July 2017

If you're looking for the calmer climes and mild hues of autumn for your next adventure, but aren't yet sure where to go, we've collected our Top 10 favourite destinations for autumn escapes, to give you some food for thought.

1. New England

The autumn (or, as the locals would have it, 'fall') colours of New England are famous, so if you're on a hunt for foliage, look no further. The weather may be wet and windy, but bright red and yellow leaves stand out even more against a grumpy grey sky. For the best chance of autumn hues, visit between mid-September and mid-October; it's a short yet sweet window of opportunity for one of the USA's more fleeting attractions.

2. New Delhi

For another far-flung leap across the ocean, why not travel to India? Autumn bestows milder weather here, evident especially in bustling New Delhi, a thriving hub of modern Indian culture. October is the best time to enjoy the autumn climate; with the monsoon season over, temperatures vary more dramatically during the course of a day than at other times of year, but with highs of just under 30 °C, the ambience is usually pleasant.

3. Scotland

You won't find warm weather here, but you are likely to stumble across dewy fields, gorgeous mountains, and copious scenic beauty. Take a hike through the hills (or 'bens'), before retiring with a whisky - preferably before a roaring fire.

4. Sorrento

For quieter crowds and calmer weather on the Amalfi Coast, autumn is a great time to visit. Soak up serene views across the Bay of Naples, or perhaps make the day trip to Pompeii for an insight into Italy's ancient past.

5. The Cotswolds

If good old-fashioned British beauty captures your imagination, the Cotswolds could be the place for you. Rural England is notably charming, and whilst autumn in the UK can suffer showers, the browning leaves and brisk air make for a delightful backdrop for a walk.

6. Nepal

Autumn is considered one of the best times to visit Nepal, with the monsoon season behind you and dry, pleasant weather to be enjoyed. What better time of year to experience the Himalayas?

7. Dubrovnik

The setting for fictional King's Landing from the popular television series Game of Thrones, Dubrovnik's ancient walls are still sun-baked in the autumn, with warm yet pleasant temperatures common and many tourists still willing to take a dip in the sea at this time of year. Check out the city's collection of Baroque architecture and charming palaces to add a historical edge to your holiday.

8. Prague

Come for the charms of a city steeped in history, or for the foliage in the city's public parks: Prague is a delight in autumn. Traditional Czech food suits the milder weather, with stews and beer a common, hearty staple, that perfectly accompanies the general atmosphere of autumn. Make sure to put Prague on your 'must see' list.

9. Lisbon

Our second Mediterranean destination, Portugal's breathtaking capital is not only competitively priced at this time of year, it's charming to explore. Discover the city's historic sights and cobbled streets whilst munching on some roasted chestnuts (a local specialty), and if you're unfortunate enough to get caught in a spot of autumn rain, pop into a local café or one of the many fascinating museums here.

10. Berlin

If you've ever seen Tiergarten in the autumn, you'll know why Berlin makes our Top 10. The German capital's most popular inner-city park comes alive with vibrant colour at this time of year, and with its roots (pun intended) dating back to the 18th century (in its current, cultivated form, at least), the park also bears a sense of history. October also sees the city play host to the Festival of Lights, with projections cast on Berlin's buildings in a spectacular showcase of the sort of accessible modern art the city has become synonymous with. Add in hearty local cuisine, and, of course, beer, and you have the recipe for a great autumn escape.