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Want to learn a new language in 15 minutes per day

7 May 2020

Whether you just want a few key phrases of Finnish or looking to be fluent in French, there are a number of courses which promise to help you reach your language goals.

The key to success is choosing a course which meets your own primary learning preference, whether this is ; oral, visual, listening or kinaesthetic. We are all actually a mix of all the styles but we do gravitate to a 'natural preference'. If you want to know which style is your own preference, think back to learning to driving and what worked for you or take this handy online questionnaire to find out which style suits you. 

Here's my round up of four of the best learning apps on the market today to meet your own learning style.

Best oral learners


Babbel gives you the confidence to use your new language in everyday situations. With innovative speech recognition technology, you can practice speaking in safety and build on your feedback to gradually improve your vocabulary and pronunciation.


Best visual learners

Rosetta Stone

For those who shudder at the thought of memorising vocabulary lists, Rosetta Stone offers a unique learning concept which combines images and language. The app uses images, text, and sound to teach words and grammar through repetition, without translation.


Best kinaesthetic learners


Kinaesthetic learners will thrive by being immersed in the language in the actual country or with interaction with speakers of the language on video call conversations. FluentU offer just that with an interactive language exchange feature - which is a great way to connect with native speakers in live conversations. I'm a kinaesthetic learner myself and switched my social media accounts into Spanish which was a game changer for me learning the language.


Best listening learners


The audio method is easy and convenient to fit it into your daily routine as you can take it virtually anywhere with you on your phone or audio listening device. With Pimsleur, you'll learn your new language naturally, by listening to natives speaking and then repeating it, building up your confidence gradually to increase your ability to speak the language.


It just leaves me to say.... Bonne Chance, Viel Glück, Lykke Til, Good Luck!