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Broaden your mind by visiting UNESCO World Heritage Sites

22 December 2020

UNESCO sites are internationally recognised sites of significance guaranteeing you'll broaden your mind on your next holiday. At Rail Discoveries, we can help bring your Travel Resolution to life as we visit many UNESCO sites and they are included in the price of your holiday. Here are some we'd recommend to anyone.

The Alhambra, Spain

The most southern province in Spain, sunny more often than not, Andalucia is also home to an abundance of UNESCO sites. A rich history forged by Jewish, Catholic and Islamic influences, the impact of the mixing cultures has led to some of the most varied and interesting architecture in Europe. Most famous is the Alhambra, once a palace built by the Moors, it still watches over Granada today and is no less impressive than it was in the 13th Century.

Goslar, Germany

On one edge of the Harz Mountains sits Goslar, a delightful medieval town featuring half-timbered houses and the largest Romanesque palace in all of Europe. It's not hard to see why the Old Town of Goslar has been deemed a UNESCO site, especially after exploring the streets that look as though they have not been touched by the passing centuries.

Halong Bay, Vietnam

A UNESCO listed site thanks to its astounding beauty, Halong Bay does not disappoint. Grand in its scale and naturally formed, the unique rock formations surrounded by deep blue water look as though they belong on another planet, though if you feel your breath taken away it won't be because of a change in atmosphere.

UNESCO sites are rarely without a fascinating past, so to broaden your mind in 2021 take a look at our collection of tours that visit these cultural highlights