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Escape to another time - 5 destinations where time has stood still

22 December 2020

Iconic locations, from ancient cities to medieval villages, often have a strong link to the past and it's this link that attracts crowds looking to leave the 21st Century and head into the yesteryear. We've collated a handful of destinations you can visit with us whenever you want to step back in time.


York is not so much steeped in history but a source of it. Whether it's Roman Emperors or Viking Kings, the city has a long tradition of welcoming visitors, and the 21st Century is no different. From the unmissable city walls to its iconic medieval street, the Shambles, you can find remnants of former empires in all directions, not least of all in the city's main focal point, York Minster.


One that's always topping charts for the history buffs, art lovers and those with a penchant for Italian cuisine, Florence is a firm favourite of ours and after you've holidayed there, we imagine it'll be one of yours too. Once the beating heart of Italian Renaissance, the testament of this cultural explosion is still visible as you explore the street once walked by some of the greatest European minds to have existed.


A bit of an outlier, Boston is the youngest city on the list but as a former British colony and one of the integral locations during the American Revolution, it's certainly a destination that shouldn't be overlooked. While modern amenities are in abundance, you can still find cobbled streets and Georgian architecture around the city harking back to a time when the founding fathers were only just dreaming of revolution.


Old Towns, like driving on the right or al fresco dining, are something we British tend to leave to our European counterparts. Prague's very own is certainly one of the best we visit and given the tumultuous history of this literal Bohemia, it's little wonder why the oldest remains of the city are the most precious. While home to Prague's most famous sights, the district is itself a feast for the eyes.


Capital of Scotland, Edinburgh is a city of two seasons. Bursting into life in the summer, fueled by the long days and the city-wide festivals before stepping inside to see out the winter from the comfort of a cosy living room. Regardless of the season, the history is clear to see in all directions, as the Gothic, Neo-Classical, and Victorian architecture can profess. As the historical periods shift from one street to the next, you're sure to visit more than one Edinburgh, no matter what the time of year.

Every destination, no matter how small, has its own history to tell. If you're looking to make this Travel Resolution a reality, then explore our range of destinations or step back in time on a nostalgic steam rail holiday.