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Why you should travel solo as part of an escorted group

4 September 2019

Admittedly, travelling solo as part of an escorted group may sound like the ultimate oxymoron, but hear us out. There are a multitude of reasons that travelling solo as part of an escorted group holiday can be a freeing, exciting and fulfilling adventure. There is often a misconception that all solo travellers are intrepid travel experts who don't want to be bothered by outsiders, but that is not always the case. At Rail Discoveries, we appreciate that the yearning for solo adventure is not strictly reserved for any one type of traveller. Many people would love to embark on a solo escape and tick a few destinations off their travel wish-lists but are put off by the intensity of organising everything themselves. That's where escorted holidays come in! Here's why we think we're a fantastic option for solo travellers.

The company along the way

Perfect for the extroverted introvert, travel solo as part of an escorted group and you will never truly be alone. Should you decide you'd like to socialise, you will find plenty of like-minded people, and often even other solo travellers, to engage with. While some solo travellers are seeking a quiet and introspective holiday, many will be searching for an opportunity to immerse themselves into a different culture and make new friends along the way, and for that, escorted tours are ideal.

A group tour offers the perfect balance. The beauty of group travel is that no matter whether you're holidaying alone, as a couple, or as a group of friends, you can still choose to be as social or as independent as you like. On a group holiday, everyone is in the same boat, and often you will find that there is an incredible sense of camaraderie that comes with that. Those who choose this type of holiday are generally drawn to the social aspect, so you'll rarely struggle to make friends or have somebody to speak to.

Pre-planned and stress-free

On an escorted tour, your itinerary is planned out in advance by a team of passionate travel experts, so you know that you're getting the very best out of each village, town, and city you visit. This makes group tours ideal for solo travellers who are first-time visitors to a destination. On a Rail Discoveries tour, you will be joined by a friendly Tour Manager who will look after all the travel logistics, such as distributing rail tickets, checking into hotels, and organising any transfers. You will also meet insightful local guides along the way who will always be happy to share their recommendations, tips and tricks with you - so you might just come home an expert yourself!

Surprisingly flexible

Many people don't realise that escorted tours are not completely rigid. While we would recommend following the pre-planned itinerary in order to truly experience the best of the area you're visiting, should you decide to forgo a city tour and spend an afternoon exploring at your own pace, this isn't a problem. At the same time, you have the extra reassurance of knowing that you have a carefully crafted itinerary to follow if you so choose.

An ideal introduction to solo travel

We appreciate that there are many different reasons that one would choose to travel solo. Contrary to popular belief, solo travelling is not simply aimed at single people. Perhaps there's a destination that you'd love to discover that your partner is simply uninterested in, or maybe you regularly take holidays with a group of friends and are seeking some time to reflect away from home. Maybe you feel that it's time to be self-indulgent and take a holiday that is purely for yourself, or you simply enjoy the adventure and solitude that comes with visiting a destination alone. No matter your reasons for going at it alone, there's no better way to dip your toes into the world of solo travel than on an escorted tour.


Whether you're a seasoned solo traveller, you're interested in embarking on your first solo adventure, or have never even considered it as an option, we firmly believe that everyone can benefit from a little indulgent 'me time'. Solo travel is so liberating, and we think it's something that everyone should experience at some point in their life. If you're unsure about travelling alone, an escorted tour is the perfect compromise, offering a wonderful mix of freedom, alongside the comfort and reassurance of a Tour Manager and a group of friendly travel companions.

You will also be pleased to hear that we now have a fantastic selection of tours which feature no solo supplement, making embarking on a group holiday as a solo traveller even easier! Click below to find your next solo adventure.

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