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For many western travellers, arriving in China for the first time is akin to stepping into another world. 

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Enigmatic, historic, culturally rich and filled with wonders, China is thoroughly enthralling

For many western travellers, arriving in China for the first time is akin to stepping into another world. Although the country boasts the world's oldest civilisation and retains many ancient customs and traditions, China's major cities are dazzlingly futuristic, teeming with colour and life. Nevertheless, historical and cultural highlights from earlier eras are abundant, and whilst westerners may have learned about landmarks such as the Great Wall, the Forbidden City and the Terracotta Warriors from guide books or the internet, nothing can compare with the extraordinary experience of seeing them at first hand.

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Take an adventure through China's ancient and modern wonders. Travel from bustling Beijing, with its Great Wall, to ancient Xi'an and its Terracotta Warriors, cruising the Yangtze River en-route. 

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The third-largest country in the world, it seems every inch of China is packed with unforgettable sights, from exquisite ancient temples and pagodas to crowded, neon-lit cityscapes, snow-capped mountain ranges to endless rice-paddies. Yet China's remarkable urban and rural beauty is only part of the country's endless allure; there's also a rich cultural and artistic legacy to explore, sumptuous cuisine to be sampled and a seemingly limitless fund of unique attractions, experiences and activities to enjoy.

Explore China with Rail Discoveries

China is both vast and utterly beguiling, and offers a lifetime's worth of unforgettable sights and experiences. The perfect introduction to China, an escorted tour with Rail Discoveries offers an itinerary that showcases the country's diverse natural beauty, taking in many of its cultural and historic highlights and providing fascinating guided tours of important cities.

With comfortable air, coach and rail travel taken care of and quality accommodation pre-arranged, our guests may explore and enjoy the best that China has to offer on a range of exciting excursions or at their leisure. In the safe hands of our expert Tour Manager, everything is provided to ensure a wonderful and memorable China experience.



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