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Nature's finest

Holidays by Rail Discoveries, breathtaking moments by nature. The world we live in is remarkable and beautiful, and going on holiday to experience nature at its best is a fantastic way to appreciate unfamiliar natural wonders.

Cherry Blossom

With the arrival of spring comes cherry blossoms, framing some of Japan's most famous streets with pale pink canopies. The beautiful, albeit frail, Sakura flowers are an important part of Japanese culture, signifying that life is transient yet beautiful. These iconic blooms also play a role in Japanese art and poems. Cherry blossoms appear in different regions at different times of the year, but are most likely to be seen in late March or early April. Immerse yourself in their fragile beauty when you embark on an 'Adventure through Japan'.

Himeji Castle With Cherry Blossoms


Meet these curious creatures at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding as you 'Discover China', where more than 120 adorable giant panda cubs have been born over the years. The giant panda is native to southern central China and is known to be extremely lazy, spending most of its days either eating or sleeping. They are folivores whose main diet consists of bamboo leaves and shoots, and they can eat up to 30kg in just one day. Despite their friendly appearance, pandas are known to be largely solitary animals.

Panda, Chengdu

Chitwan National Park

Established in 1973, the first national park of Nepal enjoys a World Heritage status. Comprised of 370 square miles of forest, grasslands, and marshlands, it sits serenely at the feet of the Himalayas, bordered by the Gandaki and Rapti Rivers. Home to an array of wildlife, including 1-horned rhinos, sloth bears, elephants, and leopards, Chitwan also plays host to over 500 different species of birds throughout the year. Explore the unique habitat of these creatures when you join us in 'Discovering India & Nepal'.

Chitwan National Park


Displaying majestic gait and poise, the Bengal tiger is the national animal of both India and Bangladesh. The stripes of the Bengal tiger is unique to each individual, much like the fingerprints of humans. Catch a glimpse of these elusive creatures at Ranthambore National Park, on expertly curated game drives, as you explore 'Ranthambore & India's Golden Triangle' or 'Tigers, the Taj Mahal, & Mumbai'.

Tiger, Ranthambore National Park

Periyar National Park

Located in Thekkady, Kerala, Periyar National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary is a famous elephant and tiger reserve. The Rivers Pamba and Periyar flow through the park, supporting the unique ecosystem of the forest. Home to diverse, and often endangered, flora, various different birds and animals inhabit the surrounding forests, and there's a chance to spot them on our 'Spectacular Southern India' holiday.

Periyar National Park

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Discovering India and Nepal

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Adventures through Japan

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Discover China

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Ranthambore & India's Golden Triangle

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Spectacular Southern India

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