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Brexit reassurance

Are you thinking about your next trip and how it could be affected by Brexit? While it's still not confirmed what will happen, you don't need to worry about your Rail Discoveries holiday.

We understand that, at present you may be feeling uncertainty about travelling to and within Europe. To reassure you, below are some FAQ's that will hopefully put your mind at ease.

Should I book my holiday before Brexit or wait until after?

We have been operating escorted rail holidays through Europe for 45 years and are fully bonded members of ABTOT and ATOL, adhering to the new The Package Travel and Linked Travel Arrangements Regulations 2018.

In case you are worried about Brexit impacting on the price of your holiday, our Price Guarantee ensures once your booking is confirmed, we won't increase the price, even if our costs go up.

The European Commission has confirmed flights and rail journeys to and from the UK will still operate, and once you're in Europe, even if you're travelling between different countries, you will not be subjected to extra checks or restrictions.

Could my holiday be cancelled?

No, your holiday will not be cancelled because of Brexit.

Will I need a VISA to travel to Europe?

The European Commission has said that UK travellers won't need a visa to visit the European Union, as long as EU visitors don't need to apply for a visa when they come to the UK. From 2021, there's a possibility you'll need to pay of fee of seven euros to enter the EU, but this is yet to be confirmed.

Update! EU has confirmed UK to remain on list of visa-exempt countries for short stay, even if there should be no-deal. This is a reciprocal agreement with the EU.

Should I check my passport?

Yes. When travelling to the EU after brexit the UK government strongly recommend that you have six months left on your passport (measured from the last date of your holiday) before it expires. If you need to renew your passport full details can be found at

Will I still be able to use my European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)?

You won't be able to use your UK-registered European Health Insurance Card if we have a no-deal Brexit. It's a good idea to take out full travel insurance any time you travel to ensure you are covered for the essentials.

Rail Discoveries can provide your travel insurance, which is specially designed for rail holidays, please contact our team for a quote on 01904 527 105.

What about spending money?

It's difficult to predict what Brexit will mean for buying foreign currency. We always try and make sure our holiday packages include as much as possible to reduce your risk when it comes to foreign currency exchange rates, but there are many bureau de changes that will buy back currency at the rate you bought it for after your holiday.

Will flights still operate?

UK citizens can be reassured that regardless of the Brexit outcome planes will still fly between the UK and the EU: if a deal is agreed then we will be in a transition period, meaning everything will stay the same until the end of December 2020 and flights will continue as normal. Even if we are in a no-deal scenario, the European Commission has said that UK airlines will still be able to operate flights between the UK and the EU. The UK government has offered similar assurances for EU airlines.

Will Eurostar and other European train journeys be impacted?

Both Eurostar and Eurotunnel are unlikely to be affected, and Eurostar has said the following; "We plan and expect to maintain services on the existing basis and timetable following Brexit." (source:

I've got medical subscriptions, will I still be able to fulfill them in Europe?

A medical prescription raised in the UK will no longer have validity in the EU.

What happens if i book travel after 31st January 2020 and my holiday gets cancelled?

There's no indication that you will not be able to enjoy your planned holiday, even if there's a no-deal scenario.

Customers who book a package holiday with us enjoy the most comprehensive consumer protection: if you book a package, your holiday will be protected under the Package Travel Regulations, meaning you have a right to a full refund if your holiday can no longer be provided.

The UK Government has confirmed that the Package Travel Regulations will remain in the UK law when the UK leaves the EU (source: