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Rail Discoveries Affiliate Programme

Rail Discoveries affiliate programme

What is an affiliate programme?

Affiliates can include the operators of websites, blogs or e-mail marketers who partner with a merchant - in this instance Rail Discoveries - to advertise the merchant's products or services. Sales of products and services generated by advertising placed on the affiliates site are rewarded in the form of commission from the merchant, on a per sale basis.


Could you join our affiliate programme?

Rail Discoveries has partnered with Affiliate Window to offer a fantastic opportunity for content-led sites and blogs capable of consistent online and offline conversions. Our affiliate programme is open to a wide range of online businesses, however, we are not able to work with cash-back websites due to our price guarantee policy which ensures that all customers pay the same price for their holiday.


Why become a Rail Discoveries affiliate?

1. A great choice of holidays - Rail Discoveries offers a stunning selection of holidays by rail plus a range of river and ocean cruises. Choose from holidays that include everything from independent city breaks to escorted tours throughout Europe and beyond. Our customers can also tailor elements of their holiday by adding rail travel from their local station, a stay in a London hotel, upgraded seats or maybe even some extra time in their final destination.

2. Great value holidays by rail - We are always clear about what is included in our holidays and make sure there are no hidden extras. Our prices include all transport and accommodation as well as a range of meals and excursions, leaving very little to pay during each holiday.

3. Book with confidence - In addition to the recognition we have received for responsible tourism Rail Discoveries is also a full member of ABTA and AITO. Essentially this means that we are committed to providing high standards of business practice for the benefits of our guests, our staff and the travel industry at large. We reach out to work with websites, blogs and e-mail marketers that are as excited about and focused on the experience of travel as we are, and others who cater to our key customer demographic. Affiliates can expect to gain great commission on all sales and for each brochure requested.


How do ads lead to commission?

• Visitors to the affiliates site who have clicked on an ad will have their Internet Protocol address logged and a temporary cookie placed in their browser, to check for any online sales or brochure requests.

• Visitors to the affiliates site may view the Rail Discoveries site after clicking on an ad

• A successful order placed during the active cookie period will be registered as a sale for the affiliate

• Our affiliate programme partners will assess and approve the sale

• The affiliate receives commission from their total sales on a monthly basis by the preferred method they have chosen for payment. Want to work with us? Visit our profile at Affiliate Window to find out more about what makes a successful Rail Discoveries affiliate, and to view full details of commission and Terms and Conditions.


Any further questions?

If you have any questions about our programme, or would like to enquire about joining the Rail Discoveries affiliate programme, then please contact Robert Bowmer at robertbowmer@raildiscoveries.com.