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IT Department

The IT team crosses all aspects of the business from the core servers, telephones and machines on peoples desks, through to the design and implementation of the software applications the business uses.

Whilst a small team, IT is notionally split into three key areas:

Business Analysis:

Responsible for the design and implementation of the Company's software and databases, the team liaise with the business to continuously improve the tools necessary to be the 'Best Escorted Rail Tour Operator'. Bringing company requirements to life through internal developers and many external development houses the role requires a good understanding of relational databases , software design, strong project management, and excellent communication skills.


Whilst not a full development environment, the team are responsible for the operation and interplay of the company's Microsoft SQL databases, providing:

  • Updates to the Company's data warehouse,
  • Complex SQL based rules for workflows and promotions,
  • Data manipulation for provision to the business or third party organisations,
  • The building of Ad-hoc solutions to support the core business systems,

Technical Support:

This team prides itself on maintaining 'Up-Time' for the company systems and the provision of first and second line support to both office and remote users across all areas of IT and Microsoft Office products. Whilst supported by 3rd party specialist organisations, the Technical Operations team are 'Masters of all' rather than being tied to a specialist area and have to have strong mediation and project management skills.