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  • Train Films

    Train Films

    17 August 2017

    With the unique iconography, the rosy nostalgia and the inherent romance, rail travel and trains have long been a deep well of inspiration for the cinematic industry. From Bond to Potter, Wes Anderson to Alfred Hitchcock, all manner of trains have appeared in all kinds of film including thrillers, romances and comedies. In a difficult list to compile and with minor spoilers for some films, here are our favourite film scenes featuring trains and railways:

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  • Jersey


    16 August 2017

    100 miles away from the iconic white cliffs of Dover across the English Channel, lies the oft forgotten archipelago of the Channel Islands. While still officially British territories, they are closer to France than their mother country, floating just fourteen or so miles off the historic beaches of Normandy. The very nature of its geography reveals part of why it isn’t as popular a holiday destination as somewhere such as Cornwall; with its official title as the UK’s sunniest destination (even though it isn’t officially part of the UK), you’d think it’d be swarming with adventurous staycationers, but no.

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