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Rail Discoveries Luggage Concierge Service

Rail Discoveries is pleased to provide the services of the Rail Discoveries Luggage Concierge Service - supported by our partner The Baggage Man, a company with many years' experience transporting customers' baggage around Europe. We understand that where your holiday is concerned, nothing is more important than your baggage. We work in partnership with the world's most respected transport specialists and are delighted to offer a service tailor made for the needs of a modern traveller.

How does it work?
The Baggage Man simply take the hard work out of carrying and transporting your baggage whilst on your journey, allowing you to enjoy your trip safe in the knowledge that your bags will be waiting for you at your destination. Customers who have a one-night stop en route to their destination choose to travel with a small overnight bag and send their main bag on ahead. For cruise holidays, they pick up your luggage and deliver it directly to your cruise ship. When your holiday is at an end, leave your luggage behind and it will be safely collected and delivered to you only a few days later.

  • Prices are based on a suitcase weighing less than 20kg.
  • If your tour stays at more than one hotel, your cases will be delivered to your first main hotel and picked up from the last main hotel. You will still be responsible for your cases on all intermediate journeys.

For further information about Rail Discoveries Luggage Concierge Service, please contact a member of the Rail Discoveries team on 01904 890203.

How to book

For further information about the GRJ Luggage Concierge Service service and to make your booking contact The Baggage Man direct by telephone or email:

Telephone:  01844 264890