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Eco-Friendly Holidays

Most people have become increasingly aware of their 'carbon footprint' in recent years. Whether you're driving your car, heating your home or travelling to your next holiday destination, it's hard to avoid adding further carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and ultimately contributing towards global warming. Although it's impractical to completely eliminate carbon emissions whist travelling overseas, rail holidays can reduce your CO2 emissions by as much as 90% when compared to alternatives such as flying. What's more, Eurostar now operates carbon neutral services on its routes to both Paris and Brussels helping to further reduce the overall impact of our rail holidays on the environment. 

At Rail Discoveries we believe in doing our bit to help conserve our natural resources and protect the environment. As well as promoting rail travel as the main form of transport on all our holidays, we also operate strict policies to help save energy and minimise waste at in our offices. In recognition of our commitment to the environment, Rail Discoveries has been awarded AITO's 4-star status for Sustainable Tourism.

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